The absolute highlight and an amazing place

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“You would have to be a fool to miss out on this amazing part of Vietnam. I stayed for 3 days and had a blast exploring paradise cave, the dark cave and phong nha cave. I stayed at Easy Tiger hostel which I highly recommend for the budget traveller and it’s a great place to meet people! As I was on a budget I could not afford to go on the tours so we hired a motorbike and did it ourselves at our own risk. The motorbikes in the area are pretty bad compared to others we used in Vietnam however being careful whilst driving will minimise the risk of an accident. I would not recommend driving if you have never done it before.


The caves are amazing my favourite had to be the dark cave because it helped me conquer a fear of mine (closed in spaces) and the mud fight was so much fun! The scenery around the park is out of this world beautiful especially when you do the whole loop. This is a must see place and it’s relatively new to tourism so enjoy!!! ”

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