Surreal – Paradise Cave 7km

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We had a free day in Dong Hoi and heard this cave adventure was worth the money. It wasn’t clear however to know how to book it. Since we were not staying at Phong Nha Farmstay (which can book it), we went through ABS Travel online who got us in on very short notice (< 24 hrs). Cost us about $109 pp plus $60 for private car for the day (you need to get to the cave on your own). The tour company provides jungle boots, which I'd recommend over your own shoes since they'll get wet (and nothing dries in this region). If you have big feet, you may be forced to use your own shoes since they only have boots up to size 44 (about 11.5 US). They outfit you with helmet and head lamp, give a brief overview of your adventure then off you go. This trip requires you to be in good shape with good balance as sometimes the ground is uneven or rocky. Wear swim trunks if you want to swim about 150 meters along the route or you can opt to hop in a small boat. Water level varies but really only a couple sections required swimming outright, otherwise you could walk on the bottom. Having a towel is handy if you swim. Regarding the cave it is really two distinct sections. The first 1km is lit up and has an incredible variety of formations. After that section you don your helmet and venture into the void. You continue to encounter formations along the next 6km, only your spot beam lighting them up. Lunch is provided around 5-6 km. You eventually reach a junction which has an opening to the surface, providing a nice spot beam into the vast cavern where you can relax and swim some more. It's impossible to take pictures in the void, but you'll get some great shots at the start and turnaround point. We had 10 people in our group. The cave is so big that I never felt claustrophobic. We enjoyed this cave more than Hang En, which lacks any formations (but has it's own charm because of its sheer size). Highly recommend this Paradise 7km Adventure for those looking to do something completely different. Visited March 2015 PandC_11, Sedona, Arizona, US View this review on TripAdvisor

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