Climb up the Great Wall of Vietnam, if you dare

Climb up the Great Wall of Vietnam, if you dare

The towering wall of 100 meters high is deep inside the world’s largest cave Son Doong


The Great Wall of Viet Nam is a stalagmite wall of nearly 100 meters high near the end of Son Doong, which is the world’s largest cave in the central province of Quang Binh. Photos credit: Ryan Deboodt/VnExpress


The wall is six kilometers deep into the cave and has been praised by explorers as a masterpiece of nature.


Tourists have to use special equipment and closely follow experts’ instructions if they want to conquer the wall.


A spider in the cave.


A sand bubbler crab in the cave.


Fossilized goat bones from several hundred years ago.


Beyond the wall is another 600 meters of the cave and the exit.


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