Phong Nha Cave exploration

Discovering many less explored, beautiful and mesmerizing caves around Phong Nha National Park in the fascinating region of Central Vietnam.

Our active tours from easy walking to hard trek adventure options that unveils the diverse landscape around Phong Nha National Park. Embark on a number of exciting trekking routes through dense forests and along mountain trails with breathtaking panoramic views.
The easy option is favorite tours for travelers who have limited time. It is a wonderful, memorable experience for people of all ages, including children
The adventure option is physically challenging, but no experience is necessary. The adventure tours are made for special interest groups or individual who are ready to explore on your knees, on your belly, in the mud and through tight tunnels, rivers, stream or climb over the mountains. You will have change to unforgettably experience the world’s biggest cave or longest caves We also offer different types of transportation and tours such as Jeep excursions and kayaking down the River, inside the caves, biking through rustic village and forest banner-phong-nha-ke-bang-national-park

Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park

National Park, located to the north of the majestic Truong Son range in Central Quang Binh province, is one of the world’s two largest limestone regions. The over 200,000 ha of parkland consists of beautiful limestone formations, grottoes and caves, and boasts lush forestland covering 95 percent of the park area. The area is considered a paradise for explorers and researchers of grottoes and caves, and Vietnamese and British scientists have so far surveyed 20 with a total length of 70km. Of them, 17 are in the Phong Nha area and three in the Ke Bang area.

Son Doong Cave – The world’s biggest cave

son doong cave tour 2016, son doong cave adventure 2016, son doong cave exploration 2016Son Doong Cave, officially discovered on April in 2009, is more than 200 meters wide, 150 meters high, and at least 6.5 kilometers long, though the explorers said they were unable to explore it fully. British explorers have recently discovered that So Dong is much larger than the world’s biggest known cave. The biggest section of Son Dong is five kilometers in length, 200 meters high and 150 meters wide, said Howard Limbert of the British Cave Research Association team searching the area April 10-14, 2009. Son Dong is much larger than Deer Cave in Malaysia, currently considered the world’s largest, an explorer said (Deer is 90 meters wide, 100 meters high and 2 kilometers long). The Son Doong cave has replaced to take pole position as the world’s largest cave.

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Hang En – An exotic and breathtaking beauty

Hang Én or Swallow Cave in Phong Nha Caves in Quang Binh province in central Vietnam was voted last May by National Geographic Magazine as one of the most beautiful photos. However, it’s paradoxical that few visitors know the site. That’s why we are there.

hang en cave trek tour 2015, hang en cave adventure tour 2015, hang en cave exploration 2015 - 2016In a short while, we were able to spot the mouth of Swallow Cave. Its beauty took by surprise. The mouth is almost 100m wide. Three huge water caves inside are separated by sloping hills which are filled with smooth sand and large rocks overlapping one another. The Swallow Cave is 1.645 m long and has three mouths. One is halfway up a mountain and two others are located on another mountain which has its foot on the south-east and north-west alongside Rao Thuong Stream. All of these make the cave different from other well-known caves in the country. At night, we went to this stream to catch fish. This stream was abounded with numerous kinds of exotic Because of their breathtaking beauty, many people have suggested ideas to plan and develop tourism activities for Swallow Cave and other sceneries in the Phong Nha Ke – Ke Bang National Park.

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Paradise Cave – The hidden paradise world in Phong Nha Ke Bang

paradise cave tour 7km, paradise cave adventure tour 7kmHidden in the thick tropical forest of Vietnam is a land of phenomenal caves. Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park contains the oldest major karst area in Asia. The karst is believed to have formed 400 million years ago, during the Palaeozoic era, With every cave discovery, that cave is considered the largest and longest in Phong Nha-Ke Bang, only to learn later that yet another even more massive cave has been found. This national park is home to the largest cave in the world and is said to be the home of the many of the world’s most beautiful caves. It’s famous for its cave and grotto systems, about 300 caves and grottos, of which only 20 have been surveyed by Vietnamese and British scientists.

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Phong Nha Cave – An truly underground wonderland

phong nha cave tour, phong nha cave tour from HueThe cave system of Phong Nha park was discovered by a Frenchman in the late 19th century, with the magnificent Phong Nha cave being the first to be surveyed in 1990 by a team of cavers who recognized its tourism potential. In 1992 the cave was given the title of the worlds longest river cave with a length of 7.729km and the first 1.200 meters of the cave was opened up for public viewing. It is only accessible by boat and features an underground river. The caverns that are open to tourists are quite close to the mouth of the cave. Just as you enter, to the right, the boat puts out on a landing giving on to a set of stairs that leads to two caverns, or grottos. At 400 million years of age, these are some of the oldest limestone formations in the world. The curiosities produced when water trickles slowly through limestone for eons are visible everywhere. Intricate stalactites, stalagmites and ground formations are on display everywhere — it’s truly an underground wonderland.

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Dark Cave exploration – mysterious dark stones of underground world

dark cave tour exploration, dark cave tour from Hue - Phong Nha, kayak tour in phong nhaHang Toi, the Dark Cave, so called, not because of the lack of light, but because of the dark stone within. The Dark Cave was discovered in the years of anti-America resistance war by local people and used as a bomb shelter. This cave is a branch of Phong Nha cave system with 5,558m long and 80m high; the entry of cave is 30m high and 10m wide with heavy forest around the cave mouth. Hang Toi has a primitive beauty with thousands of several spectacular stalagmite and stalactites. This is a shelter of many species of animals like bat and swift, especially, Ha Tinh langur – one of primate species listed in the Vietnam Red Data Book. Especially, Mr. L.Deharveng, a Russian scientist, on January 9th 1995, collected, discovered and proclaimed a specimen of a species of new crab (called Nemoron nomas) in Dark Cave. This specimen is now being kept in the Museum of Zoology, the National University of Singapore.

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